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Healthy Pisto

Healthy Pisto


This healthy pisto recipe is a very good option for a fast and heathy meal. It is possible to eat healthy by doing this easy and fast recipe.

This is a very traditional Spanish dish which contains many vegetables and gives a lo t of energy.  It is a very simple and fast recipe and it is perfect for everyone. This is a great way to inset kids into eating vegetables.


Resultado de imagen de pisto

Ingredients: (2 people)

-Green pepper (2 medium size)
-Tomatoes (on whole tomato)
-Onions (half of an onion)
-Zucchini (whole zucchini)

Resultado de imagen de healthy pisto


-First, in a saucepan heat the oil over a low-medium heat. Remember to cook in a low temperature, to get all the different flavors of the vegetables.

-Start adding the onions and the peppers let it cook.

-Now, add the zucchini and tomatoes and cook until is mixed with the previous elaboration.

-This step is optional, you can add tomato sauce to give more flavor to the healthy pisto recipe.

-Finally, fry an egg to put on top of the vegetables.



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